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Mega Vrac Makes a Mega Difference

Photos by MegaVrac

Mega Vrac is Montreal’s newest grocery store responding to the significant impact food and packaging waste has on our environment. Formerly known as Fou Delices, co-owners and managers Ahlem and Anis Belkheir took on the task of revolutionizing grocery shopping with their business’s “Zero Waste” concept.

Mega Vrac offers about 700 different products ranging from nuts to coffee, oils, spices and even detergents and shampoos. Expansions are always in the works at Mega Vrac: products in high demand such as milk and eggs are coming soon, along with a possible grocery delivery service.

Say "au revoir!" to the drawer dedicated to your plastic grocery bags, and to the constant confusion about what is or is not recyclable. Mega Vrac not only eliminates plastic bag waste but they also take the hassle out of unpacking your groceries, selling you products that go straight from the store and into your kitchen pantry.

All you need is a reusable container, be it a glass jar, a Tupperware container, Zip Lock bag or one of the reusable Montreal made fabric bags sold in store.

Mega Vrac’s “Zero Waste” initiative not only has a positive impact on the environment but it has a significant impact on your annual grocery bills. Less packages means a lower price, so the simple act of packaging your own goods means that the prices are reduced byabout 10-15%. Additionally, if you bring your own container the price gets reduced even further by 5%.

Mega Vrac makes “Zero Waste” grocery shopping feasible, easy, and fun. The EPA’s motto that “The most environmentally friendly packaging is no packaging” is taken seriously in this 1,800-sq.-ft establishment located in Montreal’s Petite-Patrie, and will hopefully encourage other groceries to follow suit.

If you would like to contribute to this environmental initiative, then I suggest you make a trip to Mega Vrac (2649 Rue Masson Montreal) and see for yourself how easy “Zero Waste” grocery shopping can be.



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