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On a hunt for happy news

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I can’t speak for anyone else, but ever since I was old enough to actively read and engage with news, I've found the experience to be mostly distressing. Not a day goes by when I don’t come across some truly demoralising piece of news. At least my parents had the luxury of getting to avoid that experience for a day by choosing not to pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV. That is not the case for me. Even on the days when I decide to kick back and watch something meaningless on YouTube or just scroll through my social media feeds, current political events will follow me on those platforms as well because today the conversation exists everywhere.

Of course, I will not complain about that too much, because it actually makes me very pleased to know that our generation cares enough about the world to talk about its issues on every available outlet. Nevertheless, sometimes it can feel overwhelming. And when it does, it is natural to look for something positive for a change to give ourselves a break.

Thankfully, providers of good news exist too. I will point out three in this article but there are several others out there and they should not be too hard to find in this digital era.

Positive News

Founded in 1993, this UK-based platform publishes exactly what you would expect. In their own words, they report on “what’s going right” in the world. Their stories encompass a wide range of interests including society, environment, lifestyle, science and economics, which means almost everyone will find something they want to read.

They publish the Positive News Magazine quarterly in print, and also post articles daily on their website.

Global Goodness

This publication is based right here in Montreal, and offers both written and video content in English and French, focusing on social engagement of individuals, organizations and companies. In big white letters, their homepage displays the words, “The world is better than you think!” And after spending a little time on the website, you may begin to believe that statement.

Their sunny yellow website can be accessed here.

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Well, specifically, I mean the segment in the show titled “The Kind of Story We Need Right Now,” although the entirety of the show is also lighthearted and entertaining. The segment, which first appeared in the show in mid 2018, highlights uplifting incidents about people reversing negative situations such as a waitress body-slamming a customer to the ground for groping her, and a mother stealing back her stolen car from the thief.

A playlist for all the stories in the segment on their YouTube channel can be found on this link.

Apart from these, I also stumbled upon a couple of compilations of positive content worth giving a shout out to.

Good News Stories from Around the World | Reader’s Digest Canada

RD Canada has compiled over fifty pieces of good news of various types from various parts of the globe on this page that will make anyone smile. Some of my favourites from here include the comeback of the bearded vulture once considered at risk of extinction in the Alps, and a war veteran café owner in Bosnia feeding immigrants for free.

The Top 7 Good-News Cat Stories of 2012 | Catster.com

This compilation may be slightly old, but should that stop us from clicking on the link and enjoying happy cat content? The answer is no. We all know good news becomes great news when cats are involved.

Checking some of these out may not reverse your entire perspective on the world and its woes, but it certainly can’t hurt to look at something happy.

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